5 Common Low-Carb Diet Mistakes

For any beginner, you are prone to make a number of mistakes when starting your low-carb diet. It’s not always easy changing your entire food plan. That is why if you’re not careful, you’re bound to slip a couple of times. Not to worry. I will take you through five of the most common diet mistakes and their possible solutions.

Eating little carb

One thing that most people forget is that low carbohydrate doesn’t mean you should eat no carb. Most of our foods contain carbs. From veggies to fruits. The main aim of a low carb diet is to reduce the intake of carb but not to completely eliminate your intake. Additionally, you may quit this dietary plan in the first few days due to a carb crash which is a condition caused by low intake of the carb.

Quitting might not be the answer in such a scenario. There are simple adjustments you can take into consideration and they will help smoothen your change in diet.

Eating little amounts of veggies

It’s common for dieters to tend to ignore the fact that vegetables and fruits are some of the basic foods for any low carb diet. This diet mistake may result in a failure of your dietary plan. In other words, as much as veggies contain traceable amounts of starch (but not all), you should always add it to your diet.

For your dietary plan to a success, you need to add a bit of micronutrient so that the food doesn’t simply reduce your waistline. It also helps you maintain a healthy and fit body.

Reducing your fat intake

Hardly a day goes by without the sentence that fat is bad for your health. This fact may result in you trying a low-fat diet version of the low carb diet. It may seem like a good idea at first since your body will consume the fats you already have in your body.

However, after a few days, you’ll start craving for more food than before. And, that will lead you to take more food than ever before. There’s nothing that will ruin your dietary plans faster than hunger. Therefore, if you want to keep that body in shape while at the same time eating the right amount of food, a little fat will go a long way. Take half an avocado and I guarantee you that you will have a successful diet.

Forgetting about regular exercise

I’m sure this thought has crossed your mind whenever you think about a low-carb diet. As much as being on a diet may result in significant loss of weight, regular exercise will help you maintain a stronger and healthy body. Did you know that exercise will help you reduce insulin resistance? This is probably the main reason why regular exercises result in loss of weight.

There’s no need to emphasize how important exercises are to your general body health even without having a diet plan. Therefore, don’t give up on your regular morning runs.

Low-carb packed foods

That tantalizing low carb ice cream that smiles at you every time you pass by the food store might do you more harm than good. These packed foods often contain maltitol which has almost the same negative effects as sugar.

Therefore, foods that have a ‘net carb’ or ‘impact carbs’ brand on them will need extra scrutiny. Stick to the foods you’ve prepared on your own.

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