Low Carb Diet, Gluten Free Diet, Paleo Diet – A brief summary

Nowadays different kinds of food sensitivities and intolerances affect more and more people around the world. In this article, we would like to provide useful information about the three most popular diet types. Our main goal is to help people with intolerances to leave a more balanced life.

Low Carb Diet

To many of you, the solution to the question “How to lose weight” is low carb diet. Besides, a low carb meal plan is an appropriate means of looking for low carb meals and identifying diabetic menu.

Besides having a vital role in our meals, carbohydrates are a major source of energy in our body. Over the years, many people have found the solution to weight-loss, by reducing the intake of carbs. As a result, the low-carb diet has turned out to be famous for people who are struggling to lose weight. Nonetheless, this does not indicate that eating a low-carb diet will always be easier, simpler or more efficient.

It is advisable to have your diet menu, besides gathering as many and different kinds of low carb foods as possible, when you are on a low carb diet. As a matter of fact, you will get effective results of your diet, by getting the appropriate low carb menus, and the associated no carb foods.

What “going low carb” means in practice?

Although you are likely to consume your normal foods while on a diet without carbs, you must change the ingredients.  For your low carb foods to offer you with the required nutrients and choices, you must change your mentality to that of a chef, and use your old recipes to make special foods. However, the best thing is that you can do that with the help of someone.  You can have a look at our recipe recommendations on our packages and pages, by purchasing our low carb products.

For example, here are some ideas of low carb recipes, which we will share with you. You can make a low carb paleo bread for breakfast using low carb bread flour. Low carb whole wheat tagliatelle is good for preparing a low-carb pasta recipe, which suits any low carb lunch. Additionally, you can choose the easier way to prepare low carb cheesecake to surprise your guests or family after lunch, using our low carb dessert mixes. Alternatively, you can prepare appetizing doughnuts within minutes, using low sugar and low carb doughnut mix if you want something that is free of dairy products.

Paleo Diet

We have paleo products that aid you in making your paleo diets that have appetizing taste and options.

Paleo diet is also termed as the caveman diet. When you are on a paleo diet, you consume similar foods that the caveman used to eat, hence the common reference of the paleo diet as the caveman diet. Furthermore, paleo dietary plan states that it is easier to prepare something that cavemen could do.

Irrespective of the origin of the name, the paleo and the caveman diet share many similar principles. Basically, this dietary plan concentrates on eating higher quantities of original, unrefined and non-packaged meals, which might have been eaten many years ago by the cavemen.

We understand that if your shopping place is a supermarket, it is not easy to make your healthy paleo diet foods. For this reason, we were careful when choosing and bringing our diet products to you. This enabling you to shop in one place and eat healthy the entire day.

Apart from getting the solution to your Paleo breakfast necessity, you can also get solutions to your Paleo lunch and dinner bites. Furthermore, you will get inspired by our Paleo diet product descriptions on our website.

Clean eating

This, alongside the elimination of processed and unnatural foods being replaced with whole foods, is what Paleo diet stresses on. You will not need to bargain flavor for health. Actually, you will crave less for bad stuff by eating more whole and healthy foods. The Paleo diet does not advocate for living to eat but eating to live. Basically, you are consuming foods that energize your body, and not dropping your energy levels. Instead of taking pancake or donut for breakfast, take salsa, bacon, and eggs with spinach, because they give you sufficient energy throughout the day.

Although your caveman or cavewoman feelings are likely to take over on this, ensure you get foods that are within your current lifestyle.

Gluten-free Diet

We have gluten-free food options and supplements which are free from any gluten.

Since gluten is widely distributed in the entire food supply, eliminating it from your diet is difficult.  However, eating gluten-free food is not equivalent to forgetting about the gluten foods that you used to enjoy most. Instead, it means you will have to avoid what you were addicted to. We understand that you will know gluten is everywhere. Even in marmalade that appears to be very harmless, the moment you start avoiding it. Although most marmalades have gluten, our paleo marmalade does not have gluten.

To be precise, to some people, the most feared protein is gluten that you can get in barley, rye and wheat products. You have no choice but to keep off gluten if you have celiac disease, or allergy to gluten. Avoiding gluten means avoiding any meal that contains wheat or wheat products. Although living gluten-free is easier said, living so is among the most difficult things to follow. Take a look at your kitchen, and you will realize that almost everything has some traces of wheat or wheat products, which you are seriously avoiding.

That should not worry you too much but instead, think of changes that you should make. With an appropriate source, a gluten-free diet offers you unlimited options. It is good to note that we are an appropriate source of your gluten-free meals. Starting with an amazing gluten-free pasta meal to other gluten-free desserts, such as cupcake that is free from gluten, you will definitely get whatever you are craving for.

Many of the foods that you eat while on a gluten-free diet have the ability to help improve on healthy weight loss. Specifically when you consume a well-balanced meal plan, which entails important fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.

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