Two well-known and excellent brands have arrived in the uk from hungary

Szafi Reform&Szafi Free and Dia Wellness are brilliant healthy food brands in Hungary who produce only quality products.

Dia-Wellness Low Carb Products
To Enjoy Your Diet and Eat With Variety Even with Diabetes

It is very difficult to find good quality low carb products in the UK supermarkets. The Dia-Wellness products could mean the solution for your cravings when you are on a low carb diet as all the products contain low amount of carbohydrates. Moreover, they are safe to eat ever to people with diabetes as they have low GI values.

If you would like to know more about the ingredients of the products, just open their separate page in our online store as we listed them all. Even if you see packaging in Hungarian, all the packs have English instructions as well, not just on our website. Please give a chance to these amazing products and we are sure you won’t be disappointed. If you liked them, tell it to your friends and everybody on our website by leaving a comment on the product page or on our Facebook page.

Szafi Free Products to Live Worry-Free When You Follow A Vegan, Dairy Free or Gluten Free Diet

The Szafi Free products are basically free from everything.
You will find cake mixes and flours which are gluten free, dairy free, egg free, low in fat and vegan. And the best bit is they still taste great! You can watch the videos we added to our Facebook page and the product pages how to prepare the delicious meals and desserts from the mixes.

Szafi Free products are answers for our unsatisfied needs to eat free from everything. No additives, no preservatives, no gluten, no dairy. They are just simply tasty and delightful. You will find recipe ideas at each of the product pages as well as on the packages. Again, you will find the list of ingredients all nutrition details in English not just on the website but on the packages as well. Don’t let the Hungarian characters mislead you: these products have a rightful place in the UK market where many of us just miss the quality, free from everything products. Don’t be surprised if the ingredient list is too small: they simply only contain the basic ingredients, no additives at all.

Vegan Victoria Sponge Cake Flour Buckwheat Flour Mix 1000g


Szaffi Free Buckwheat Sponge Flour

– Gluten Free Sponge Cake Flour Mix
– Dairy Free Baking
– Egg Free Cake Mix
– Vegan Sponge Cake Mix
– Low in Fat Cake Flour Mix

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With Dia-Wellness Products you can have a huge variety during your low carb diet or diabetes diet.

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Dia-Wellness, your solution for low carb diet

We would like to introduce you to a well-known and trusted Hungarian brand, Dia-Wellness. The low carb foods and flour mixes have been developed so that people who watch out for the carb they eat can live more freely.

Among the Dia-Wellness products you will find low carb diet flours and flour mixes which you can use to prepare delicious, yet low in carbohydrate desserts for yourself and your family. Have you forgotten the taste of a nice sacher cake already? Dia-Wellness will help you remember your best birthday cakes as these low carb desserts taste just like their original counterpart.

Moreover, you can find diet products which are not just low in carb but gluten free as well. Try a delicious low carb and gluten free pancake or a low carb and gluten free bread made at home. It will smell like one straight from your favourite bakery – the only difference is that you can actually eat this one during your diet.

Dia-Wellness is proud to produce food ingredients and mixes which you can actually eat without problems if you are on a diabetes diet. These products can give you back the missing options you choose from if you have diabetes.

The Free From Everything product family is Szafi Free which you can trust even during a Paleo Diet.

Szafi Free to live a full, healthy and free life

You can select from so many free-from-everything flour mixes,
we cannot even list them here. Furthermore, you will find description about how to use them and their main benefits to our body.

Finally, you can enjoy a nice, gluten free vegan pizza or a traditional, but gluten free flatbread straight from the street markets. Try the buckwheat flour mixes which can be the best replacement of your traditional flours on a gluten free diet.

You can find many gluten free and egg free breakfast solutions, you will be surprised. Did you miss the steamy hot chocolate from your table since you are on a dairy free diet? Of course, you did. But not any more. You can find a gluten free, dairy free hot chocolate powder among the Szafi Free products which you can prepare in seconds. Even the kids will love it and will notice no difference.

you can prepare Sunday lunch desserts or even birthday cakes which are free from everything with the Szafi Free flour mix. Furthermore, you can prepare your missed pastries with the yeast-free Szafi Free flour mix.

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