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Slim and Smart Healthy Options

Vegan Paleo Gluten Free Coconut Porridge

Gluten Free Coconut Porridge for a healthy, full diet breakfast – dairy free coconut oatmeal – egg free coconut oats – soya free healthy breakfast – corn free coconut porridge which is free from additives and artificial flavour enhancers

Vegan, Gluten Free Flatbread Flour 1000g

Szaffi Free ‘Langos’ Hungarian Flatbread Flour Mix – gluten free – dairy free – egg free – wheat free – yeast free – vegan

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Update Universal Flour Mixture with 50% reduced carbohydrate content 500g

Perfect combination of Master Mix and traditional flour. Its carbohydrate content is only 35.4 grams. As traditional flours have 70-76 grams, so the product has a 50% reduced carbohydrate content.  

Protein Pancake Vanilla 500g

Introducing the Ultimate Vegan Protein Pancake Mix: Vanilla-Flavored with Coconut Milk Powder (500g, 10 Servings) Elevate your breakfast game with our Vegan Protein Pancake Mix, a delicious and nutritious addition to your morning routine. Crafted for those who seek a healthier lifestyle without compromising on taste, this pancake mix is a perfect blend of high-quality [...]

Update Protein Muffin Chocolate with Choco Chips

The Update Protein Muffin Chocolate with Choco Chips is an amazing vegan product!

Protein Cheese Pizza

Introducing the Ultimate Protein Pizza Cheese Flavored Base – A Game Changer for Pizza Lovers! Elevate your homemade pizza experience with our Protein Pizza Cheese Flavored Base, designed for those who love pizza but are mindful of their protein intake. This innovative product is not just a pizza base; it’s a high-protein, delicious foundation for [...]

Update Low Carb Breadcrumbs (250g)

Rich in dietary fiber Rich in protein Versatile ingredient A healthy alternative to conventional breadcrumbs Reduced carb content by 45%

Szafi Reform Psyllium Husk 250g

Superfood Vegan, vegetarian 100% natural Zero aftertaste Less than 0.5 g sugar

Szafi – Gluten-free Low-fiber Bread Flour Mix (1000g)

Key benefits Low dietary fiber content Free from gluten A healthy alternative to conventional bread flour Outstanding price-value ratio Perfect for baking

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Szafi Gluten-Free Brewer’s Yeast 250 g

Premium quality Rich in protein Rich in dietary fiber Candida diet friendly.


gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, sugar-free, and paleo-friendly.  

Szafi Free Meatless Oatmeal Base (Gluten Free) 300g

It has turned into dietetic and vegan at Slim and Smart! Easy to prepare vegetable “meatloaf” base with pre-set seasoning. Soft, juicy, rich in flavour, guaranteed gluten-free and vegan product. It does not contain added sugar. It contains naturally occurring sugars.