Our gluten free diet food supplements and food alternatives do not contain any gluten or stealth gluten.

Living on a gluten free diet does not necessarily mean you have to forget about the food you would enjoy the most with gluten. All you need to do is to differ a little bit from what you got used to. We know, when you try to avoid gluten, this is when you realise it is everywhere, even in the seemingly most harmless marmalade. Yes, most of the marmalades contain gluten, but not our gluten-free, paleo marmalade though.

A specific, for some the most feared, protein is gluten which you can find in wheat products, rye or barley. If you have a gluten allergy or have celiac disease, there is no option for you but to avoid gluten. Going gluten free means, you will skip any meal with wheat or wheat derivatives. Easily said, but one of the most difficult to live. When you look around in your kitchen, almost everything contains the slightest amount of wheat or wheat products and eating out is a nightmare.

But don’t worry too much! Think of the changes you make as options for a better living, not challenges. The gluten free diet gives you endless opportunities with the right source. And here we are, we are the perfect source for your gluten free meals. From a nice, gluten free pasta dish to some gluten free dessert like a gluten free cupcake, you will be able to find what you crave for.