Our collected organic and sustainably sourced coconut products are generally from Sri Lanka where farmers grow them organically and use all the parts of the coconut tree.

Coconut based products are naturally gluten-free, making a great source of your gluten free diet. Furthermore, you will see endless culinary experiences once you realise what you can achieve with gluten-free coconut products.

Among the many alternative fruits and vegetables, coconut is one of the most used of them all. We can use the grated coconut meat infused and then dripped from water to create organic coconut milk. Notably, switching your regular cow milk to coconut milk can reduce your dietary cholesterol intake.We can further use the grated coconut meat and by grounding it, we get coconut flour – which is not just gluten free but low carb as well. In your gluten free cooking replace wheat flour with coconut flour as a thickener. Moreover, you can use coconut flour in soups and dips, as well as gluten-free baked goods. Tip: when you replace standard flour with coconut flour in a recipe, calculate with one egg for every ounce of coconut flour to preserve the right moisture in your gluten free desserts.

Alternatively, we can extract the oil from the organic coconut meat to create virgin coconut oil. And finally, our organic coconut butter is just a superfood. It has high nutritional level, great taste and creamy texture and a great alternative to any butter.