We are sure you will enjoy the wide variety of our gluten free flours and dessert mixes. You will be able to replace wheat flour in most of the recipes when shopping at Slim and Smart.

If you take the adventure to go gluten-free (because you choose so or because you have to), you still can satisfy your sweet tooth. Our gluten free flours and dessert mixes will help you along the way. In fact, we are almost certain, you can come up with a gluten-free alternative for all your love desserts. And if you cannot, just let us know what you are searching for and we help you along the way.

In the first place, we will try to share as many gluten free dessert recipes with you as we can. Why is that? Because we love sweets as well as everybody else. Just because we live a gluten free life, it doesn’t mean we took the vow not to eat any desserts anymore. Are we in the same boat? We thought so 🙂

Within our gluten free baking mixes, you will find easy ways to prepare a gluten free muffin or cupcake. Similarly, a gluten free simple or a gluten free chocolate sponge cake won’t be a challenge at all. Have you missed pancakes from the breakfast table? With our gluten free pancake mix, not anymore!

If you like to experiment more in the kitchen, our gluten free flour variation will enable you to do so. Try our gluten free onion crisp recipe with gluten free tapioca flour or a gluten, dairy and egg free bread recipe from gluten free bread flour.

If you came up with your own gluten-free dessert recipe, don’t be shy and share it with us on the product page, so others can enjoy your delight.

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