Gluten free seeds will help you live a happy and complete life when you combine them with other gluten free ingredients during your diet.

Gluten is the protein coming from grains like wheat, rye and barley. Other grains, like millet, tapioca, flax or quinoa is naturally gluten free. These gluten free seeds can still be the victim of cross-contamination, so you still have watch out for the label – as always. Don’t just trust your knowledge, always seek for confirmation from the seller or check the packaging.

However, you can trust our organic, gluten-free poppy seeds. You can combine them with any gluten free flour to make a delicious gluten free dessert. Or rather, you can choose the poppy seed flour and use that as a base of your gluten free sweets. If you like the combination of lemon and poppy seed (we do love it! :)) you can try our delicious lemon and poppy seed muffin recipe. Use a gluten free flour and the rich dessert is in your hand.

To moisturise your gluten free desserts, use raw, virgin coconut oil. This gluten free oil can be useful for other dishes as well, not just sweets.