Healthy flours are not just about alternative flours but quality all purpose flours as well. Healthy dessert mixes will provide you with shortcuts to make a real difference in your healthy diet.

Your options are endless with the huge variety of healthy flour alternatives we collected for you. You can easily find your favourite all purpose flour even if you are searching for a low carb baking flour or a fortified wheat flour. If you are searching for something more specific, our low carb pizza flour might give you the answer. Nonetheless, our healthy flours do not end there.

So don’t worry if you would like to be a little bit less traditional, we have plenty of alternative flour variations for you. A great paleo poppy seed flour can give that extra taste to your bread and cookies. And at the same time give you all the health benefits of poppy seeds. If you are up to a more nutty experience, choose from a gluten free peanut flour or a gluten free sesame seed flour.

And if you look even further, you can find healthy and low carb ice cream powders and cake mixes among the healthy flours. Combine them with some healthy sugar substitute or healthy chocolate spread and the best dessert could be in front of you.

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