We are always in the search for healthy oils which we can use for frying and cooking – and for salad dressing also. Our healthy oils are made of healthy unsalted seeds with cold-pressed technology to keep all the health benefits.

We know for long that replacing saturated fats in our cooking benefits our overall health, especially our vascular system. Indeed, vegetable oils replace animal fat in our cooking for a good reason. We don’t say you should throw away the fat once your bacon is nice and crispy, but generally, you should use more healthy oils in the kitchen.

It is well-known that one of the best oils for frying and cooking is coconut oil. In particular, the healthy coconut oil has a high smoke point, which gives us the endless possibilities. Or if you would like to use coconut oil on your toast, try a healthy and smooth coconut butter.

Other than a healthy cooking oil, you should bring some variety to your salad dressings as well. Specifically, a cold-pressed flax seed oil will give a slightly nutty taste to your salads while the rich omega 3 can lower your cholesterol.  Furthermore, our green elixir, the pumpkin seed oil is full of vitamins and antioxidants. However, pumpkin oil is not the best oil for frying or cooking, because heat destroys some health benefits.

Furthermore, our healthy seeds will serve you as a healthy snack during a Saturday night movie slumber party. Try the different flavours: Wasabi pumpkin seeds or a salted and roasted pumpkin seed.



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