Eating a healthy diet for most of us means changes in the food we used to eat. At Slim and Smart UK we offer you affordable and healthy organic food for all dietary needs.

Sometimes eating healthy organic food can be challenging. It is not easy to find the right health food shop and sometimes they are far away. This was one of the reasons we thought, collecting healthy and at the same time organic products for you should ease your way.

Organic means a more sustainable and traceable food production for us. Compared to traditional agriculture, organic produce contains fewer chemicals. Generally, organic food is fresher than its conventional alternative as it doesn’t contain preservatives. Organic food is always GMO-free, so you can be sure the dish you eat hasn’t been modified or engineered in any way to give better and more crops or be more resistant. All in all, organic food is healthy and in long term better for our body. Moreover, organic farming means a better life for the ones working in agriculture. Our fair trade products support farmers to get better deals instead of rubbing them. We believe healthy organic products and organic farming can be a solution for many of us.

Therefore, we try to collect as much variety of organic food as possible. Within our wide organic food selection, you can find organic coconut flour, organic sliced beetroot or even an organic healthy chocolate spread. We try to offer you as many products with Demeter certificate as possible. This is why you can find the best herbal tea, a sugar free apple sauce or the most delicious organic baked beans here.


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