Healthy pasta is all about variety. A healthy diet consists of all the different kinds of food, and healthy pasta deserves a high place in it.

A healthy pasta dish starts with a great pasta but what it makes brilliant is the nutritious ingredients you can add next to (or on top 🙂 ) of it. The right pasta dishes could be made for lunch or even for dinner. It is all about your healthy pasta recipe and the healthy ingredients you use. There is a misconception that you can only lose weight if you give up on your pasta dishes. That is so not true!

To show you that, we have started to collect healthy pasta recipes for you which you can find next to the description of our various pasta alternatives. Overall, we hope these recipes will help you realise, the bad reputation is all for nothing.

Furthermore, our pasta variations are here for you in every diet. Try a gluten free millet pasta with some organic cherry tomato sauce and create a finger licking dinner. You can find many variations of low carb pasta below, like low carb orzo pasta or a low carb tagliatelle. Or what about a yummy paleo rigatoni pasta?

Moreover, when you are in search of something exotic, try our green banana penne pasta or quinoa fusilli pasta.