Healthy side dishes regularly include different variations of salad. If you want to extend your green salad experience, we can offer you few alternatives.

Who doesn’t want a healthy and low carb mashed potato next to a Sunday roast? Or a healthy organic baked bean alternative for a mimicked full breakfast? We listen to our inner instincts too and found solutions for all the needs. Healthy side dishes are crucial for a full, complete meal.

A vegetable dish doesn’t just consist of green salad. Organic canned beans could bring your salad some extra colour and taste. Most of our canned beans below are not just organic and healthy, but vegan as well, giving you, even more, choice in terms of your diet. They do not contain any added sugar or salt, making it a healthy alternative to any regular side dish. Or if you want to make them a full dish, combine the canned healthy ingredients with our healthy pasta alternatives.