Healthy sauces in the most seldom occasions come from one bottle only. To avoid unnecessary preservatives and additions we advise you to assemble your own sauce quickly in the kitchen.

But of course, healthy sauces need good quality ingredients. This is what you can find here. When you prepare a healthy pasta, all you need is few additions and you can present a delicious healthy pasta dish. One option is to combine the different organic canned beans and vegetables with organic cherry tomato and come up with your own version of pasta sauce.

Another option is to make a nice, aromatic coconut curry from an organic coconut cream. Although an organic baked bean tin can be treated as prepared already, you can still combine it with some other ingredients and prepare an extraordinary lasagne sauce from it. If you want to know more, for the healthy recipe visit the product page.

There are endless possibilities to prepare a healthy sauce so do not satisfy with what you find on the shelves.


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