Even though originally most of us associate a healthy diet with sugar-free living that not necessarily the case. Healthy sugar substitutes, healthy snacks and healthy sweets can still be part of our life.

Especially when we would like to lose weight, sugar should be avoided. Or when you have diabetes, traditional sugar can spike your blood sugar with few bites. But there are different variations of healthy sugar substitutes which can still form part of our diet. For example, you can use our low GI, low carb erythritol and stevia sweetener during low carb or paleo diet.

Moreover, you will be able to find your most favourite low carb ice cream flavour or low sugar low carb pancake mix. You can choose from different variations of sponge cake mixes: chocolate sponge cake mix, paleo sponge cake mix or gluten free sponge cake mix. When you prepare sweets in great quantities, we advise you to stock a 5000g low carb healthy sugar substitute.

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