Healthy tea and coffee alternatives for a nice refreshment or for an easy wake-up.

We all need some healthy tea and coffee alternative at least one a day. If you don’t like drinking water (even if it is a healthy alkaline water), you can substitute it for a healthy tea or a low carb sugar free coffee. You can drink a nice healthy herbal tea cold or warm depending on the weather outside. Besides the wonderful health benefit, you can share your coffee or tea with a company, which makes this experience even more pleasant.

Our organic chamomile and spearmint tea gives you a peace of mind knowing the health benefits of tea and its origin. The tea combines the health effects of chamomile and spearmint and makes your immune system and body stronger. Moreover, we try to collect only the best possible healthy sources of tea, so we offer organic tea options for you with Demeter certificate. We hope you will enjoy it!

Gluten Free
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