There are a greater variety of low carb diet flours and low carb desserts than you think.

A low carb diet flour is what makes our low carb meals full. Who doesn’t miss a fresh, crusty low carb bread? Or who doesn’t miss the taste of potato, even as a low carb mash or a low carb potato flatbread? There are so many alternative low carb flour options, just look around. A low carb coconut flour could be perfect for a curry sauce or a coconut cookie. Alternatively, you can be amazed quickly by how similar a low carb flour mix can be to regular flour.

When it is time to decide what your low carb dessert would be after your low carb lunch, we give you enough options. You can use a low carb almond flour as a base for your low carb cheesecake which you can flavour with lemon juice. Further, for a refreshing delight, you can choose from the many different flavours of our low carb ice cream selection (vanilla, chocolate, punch, tiramisu or yoghurt) topped with some low carb strawberry syrup.


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