Low carb diet pasta will help you survive your most difficult days during your diet. Mostly, our low carb pasta variations will come as gluten free or paleo pasta. The more, the better 🙂

In our low carb diet pasta variations, you can find some unusual pasta like a penne pasta from green banana flour or a flax seed fusilli. Or you can stick to some more conventional low carb whole wheat pasta alternatives, like this whole wheat penne or a low carb whole wheat rotini. Furthermore, you can combine the low carb pasta with some low carb sauce or some low carb seeds.

However, we need to ask you to keep an open mind when tasting an alternative pasta. As they are made of some alternative – sometimes exotic – low carb flour, their taste might be different than what you got used to. But with a broad-minded view, we are sure you will enjoy every bite. Once you tried, share your opinion in the comment field.