What we really missed from our low carb diet is low carb side dishes. But not anymore!

Low carb side dishes should bring variety to our low carb diet plan because there are more types of them than you think. For example, you can replace your rice with a low carb quinoa for almost all dishes. Or mix quinoa with butternut squash or other vegetables to give colour and taste variation to your low carb foods. You can

You can use more cabbage in your diet which you can mix with low carb pasta to prepare a cold low carb side dish. Broccoli doesn’t just taste great, it has unlimited health benefits, so read more how you can prepare it. And of course, our beloved but more banned mash potato which we so miss from Sunday roast dinners. Not anymore! Our low carb instant mash potato gives you the same experience but a 100g only contains 304 Kcal.