Low carb sauces can complete your low carb meals entirely. Full of flavour and variety and low in carb and calorie: this is what we can offer.

Wherever you eat a low carb pasta dish you need some additional flavour and texture. This is when you have to be canny and look for diversity. Add some organic chickpeas into your low carb tomato sauce and your vegan and low carb dish is ready. Alternatively, you can combine the low carb organic baked bean with your favourite meat and you just came up with your new low carb lunch. You see, low carb sauces could be so much more than additions to low carb pasta.

Furthermore, don’t forget to change your cuisine from time to time. Different characters could give you a boost in your low carb diet and make weight loss easier. For example, with an organic coconut cream, you can fly to Asian in a couple of minutes and prepare your favourite low carb curry.


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