Low carb sugar substitutes and low carb sweeteners are crucial parts of our low carb diet. Their use is inevitable, especially when you have diabetes.

Sometimes we feel it would be nice to have the ability to live without sugar. Yes, maybe. But then, you won’t experience any of the sweet delights which make our life full. And we think, just because you have diabetes or you would like to lose weight, you should give up everything. Of course, you should be more careful and consistent, but that doesn’t mean low carb sugar and low carb sweeteners can make your life candied.

Just look around on this page and be amazed how big variety of low carb sweets and desserts you can come up with. Starting with a low carb waffle or low carb pancake for a special breakfast, a low carb ice cream after your low carb lunch and finally a low carb sacher torte for special occasions. Not even mentioning the low carb sweeteners and low carb sugar substitutes which you can use for other low carb desserts.


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