There are many alternatives among the Paleo diet flours and Paleo dessert mixes we offer you here.

Even if you have a nut allergy, you can still live a full life with Paleo diet and enjoy Paleo desserts. Our coconut flour is not just low carb and sugar, fiber-rich, but full of healthy fats and nutrients. All coconut flour started its life as a byproduct of coconut milk and water, but unfortunately, many end up on supermarket shelves full of additives and thickeners. Not like our coconut flour which is organic and can help you in your balanced diet. But don’t be afraid if you don’t like the idea of coconut flour. We have many other Paleo diet flours as alternatives.

You can use the Sukrin almond flour within your Paleo diet for a time-to-time Paleo snack.  Moreover, you can test the various grounded nuts as wheat flour substitutes, such as the organic chestnut flour, Sukrin sesame seed flour or Sukrin peanut flour. If you are searching for something easy-to-make and quick, read about our Paleo diet flour mixes. Among our Paleo diet flours, you can find our favourite Paleo bread mix and Paleo chocolate sponge mix.


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