Erythritol is a perfect Paleo sugar substitutes and Paleo sweetener for any Paleo dessert recipe or dishes.

Our Paleo dessert mixes use Paleo sugar substitutes, so you can prepare your Paleo chocolate sponge cake for birthdays or special occasions. After you quickly prepare the sponge, you can cut it half and use a Paleo marmalade. This is how you can make Paleo Sacher torte quickly. Or if you would like some Paleo desserts for a Sunday family lunch quickly check this. You might want to go for a simple Paleo sponge cake with some fruits.

The most often used Paleo sugar substitute is erythritol. Our Paleo sweetener can make your Paleo foods sweet without any extra taste. Moreover, it has zero calories, so you don’t have to worry about counting either.


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