Everybody needs some oil for cooking or for a nice salad during Paleo diet. Our Paleo oil variations can make your life easier and the Paleo seeds fuller.

We do not need to omit oils during our Paleo diet, but as always, we have to be smart about it. We love using raw coconut oil for our Paleo chicken recipes. A nice, cold pressed, nutritious flaxseed oil can give a fantastic taste to your salads. Moreover, you can gain limitless health benefits while eating it. Paleo oils can come in various shapes and forms, just like our delicious coconut butter.

Everybody loves crunching something during a movie or at the cinema. Our wasabi nuts could give you the healthy Paleo snack you are searching for. If you don’t like your mouth on fire 🙂 have some from a simple salted and roasted pumpkin seeds.