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Dia-Wellness Baking Flour -1000g Or 5000g


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Discover Dia-Wellness: A Revolution in Health-Conscious Baking and Cooking

In the pursuit of a balanced diet, especially for those managing diabetes or aiming for weight loss, finding the right ingredients that do not compromise on taste can be a challenge. Enter Dia-Wellness, a pioneering product line specifically designed to cater to individuals with specific nutritional needs. With a diverse range of products including low-carb baking flour, natural sweeteners, sugar substitutes, spices, ice cream powders, flour mixes, base powders for cooking and baking, various kinds of pasta, and jams, Dia-Wellness ensures that your dietary restrictions don’t hold you back from indulging in delicious, homemade creations.

Elevate Your Kitchen with Dia-Wellness Baking Flour

At the heart of our innovative product line is the Dia-Wellness Baking Flour, a game-changer for anyone looking to embrace a healthier lifestyle without giving up on their baking passions. Whether you’re crafting crispy-coated bread or delectable cakes, this flour is your ally, boasting a high natural fiber and protein content that not only meets but exceeds nutritional expectations.

Why Choose Dia-Wellness Baking Flour?

  • High Fiber Content: Dia-Wellness Baking Flour is an excellent source of dietary fiber, promoting digestive health and aiding in weight management by providing a longer feeling of fullness.
  • Rich in Protein: This baking flour is also a great source of protein, essential for muscle maintenance and overall well-being, making it a superior choice for health-conscious bakers.
  • Low-Carb Solution: Specifically formulated for those reducing their carbohydrate intake, whether for weight loss or to manage diabetes, Dia-Wellness Baking Flour offers a delicious way to stay on track with your health goals.

Tailored for Your Health and Taste Preferences

Dia-Wellness is dedicated to those who are navigating the challenges of weight management or diabetes, providing a path to enjoy flavorful foods without the guilt. Our products are meticulously crafted to reduce carbohydrate content and energy levels, making them ideal for anyone looking to make healthier dietary choices.

The Dia-Wellness Promise

With Dia-Wellness, you no longer have to compromise between health and taste. Our extensive range of products guarantees that health-conscious individuals can enjoy baking and cooking with ingredients that are not only nutritious but also delicious. From low-carb bread and cakes to savory dishes and sweet jams, Dia-Wellness transforms everyday cooking into a journey of wellness and flavor.

Nutrition Facts of Dia-Wellness Baking Flour (100 g)
Energy: 1401 kJ/ 333 kcal
Fat: 2.1 g
– of which saturated: 0.4 g
Carbohydrate: 56.0 g
– of which sugar: 0.6 g
Fiber: 8.5g
Protein: 18.4 g
Salt: 0.06 g

Allergen info: The product contains gluten.


Wheat flour, wheat protein, dietary fiber, oatmeal flour, resistant starch, milk protein, wheat bran, vegetable oil (rapeseed), edible acid: lactic acid, emulsifier: E 471, thickener: guar gum, pectin, flour treatment agent: ascorbic acid, enzymes.

Directions for Use

Dia-Wellness Baking Flour is perfect for cooking & baking. Above all, it does taste like regular wheat flour. If your family doesn’t follow a diet, good news is they won’t even notice the change. No doubt, this low carb flour is perfect for any cake, biscuit or bread. You can use the same amount of flour as your regular wheat flour. You will bake the most delicious sponge cake, the softest scones and the crustiest bread you have ever made. This low carb baking flour has no aftertaste, so you don’t have to worry about compensating it with sugar or other additives.