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GAL Chicken Cartilage Complex, Type II Collagen 60 doses 90g


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3 in stock

GAL Chicken Cartilage Complex, Type II Collagen – 60 Doses (90g)

Unlock the secret to healthier joints with GAL Chicken Cartilage Complex, your ultimate ally in the battle against joint discomfort and injuries. Crafted with precision and care in the EU, this premium supplement is designed to support joint health, flexibility, and resilience, making it an essential addition to your wellness routine.

Key Features:

  • High-Quality Source: Sourced from hydrolyzed chicken cartilage extract produced in France, ensuring a product of the highest purity and effectiveness.
  • Rich in Essentials: Packed with Type II collagen, hyaluronic acid, and amino glycans, especially chondroitin sulfate, this complex provides comprehensive support for your joints.
  • Supports Joint Health: Aims to prevent joint issues and aids in the healing process of joint injuries, enhancing overall joint function and comfort.
  • Made in the EU: GAL supplements are renowned for their quality and efficacy, made according to strict European standards.
  • Versatile Consumption: Recommended dosage is 1.5g daily, which can be easily integrated into any routine, with or without food, and ideally before physical activities for optimal benefits.

Ingredients: The GAL Chicken Cartilage Complex contains chicken joint hydrolysate, focusing on not just the collagen but also the extracellular matrix components like hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate for a multi-faceted approach to joint health.

Why GAL Chicken Cartilage Complex?

Choosing GAL Chicken Cartilage Complex means opting for a supplement that not only supports the structure and function of your joints but also contributes to the overall health of your connective tissues. Whether you’re looking to enhance your joint health proactively or seeking relief from existing discomfort, this complex offers a targeted approach to maintaining and improving your mobility and quality of life.

The best results are expected, if you take all three types of collagen products (+ GAL Biocurcumin Forte) and then leave them, starting with Chicken cartilage complex and GAL UC II®, as they are only for good for joints. And if the problem doesn’t return, stay with collagen peptides (and/or curcumin) only.

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