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GAL Magnesium Bisglycinate


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4 in stock

Introducing GAL Magnesium-Bisglycinate: The Advanced, Fully Reacted Magnesium Supplement

Dive into the next generation of magnesium supplementation with GAL Magnesium-Bisglycinate, enhanced with the power of glycine. Understanding that different forms of magnesium are absorbed and utilized differently by the body is key to choosing the right supplement.

Key Aspects of GAL Magnesium-Bisglycinate:

  1. No Loose Stool Side Effect: A common concern with magnesium supplements is their potential to cause loose stools. GAL Magnesium-Bisglycinate is designed to minimize this issue, ensuring better utilization and comfort, particularly for those with sensitive stomachs.
  2. Fully Reacted Organic Form: Our magnesium is not just bound to glycine amino acid; it’s a fully reacted organic form. This means the magnesium is in a state that the body can utilize efficiently, avoiding the presence of significant inorganic magnesium parts.

Choose GAL Magnesium-Bisglycinate for a magnesium supplement that combines efficiency, digestibility, and the additional benefits of glycine. Say goodbye to the common drawbacks of magnesium supplements and embrace a more comfortable, effective solution.

About GAL dietary supplements

Each GAL vitamin – GAL Magnesium Bisglycinate too – was created in the spirit of naturalness and vitality, keeping in mind the vitamin needs of different life stages and health conditions. Thorough research (only reliable research), examination of raw materials and review of the international supply are an integral part of product development.

None of the products contain genetically modified ingredients, the production takes place under strict EU regulations; the ingredients are also tested by a European laboratory.

GAL Magnesium Bisglycinate – Magnesium with glycine amino acid

Magnesium is an extremely important mineral that is quite difficult to get in a diet. Stress, sports, and foods high in phytic acid (e.g., grains, whole grains, etc.) and coffee can also increase magnesium depletion. Magnesium deficiency is therefore a common problem, affecting almost everyone.

Taking into account the results of the latest research and clinical trials, the GAL Magnesium Bisglycinate dietary supplement was born in the spirit of naturalness, with a strong emphasis on sustainable farming and proper absorption. It contains all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements in an ideal form and amount found in nature. Most of the active ingredients come from organic (bio) sources. Glycine does not cause diarrhea in sensitive stomachs, thanks to its ammonic acid and “fully reacted” organic formula. The product is allergen-free, gluten-free, soy-allergen-free, egg-free, dairy-free, and lactose-free, sugar-free, sulfur-dioxide-free, and can be taken by those who follow a vegetarian and vegan diet. Its packaging is 100% recyclable, FSC certified material.

Explore the Benefits of GAL Magnesium Bisglycinate: A Gentle and Efficient Magnesium Supplement

GAL Magnesium Bisglycinate is a unique supplement that combines the benefits of magnesium with the amino acid glycine. This form of magnesium not only supplies your body with essential magnesium but also provides the added advantages of glycine. Glycine is known for its various health benefits, which include enhancing insulin efficiency, significantly reducing the blood sugar impact of glucose and carbohydrates, and contributing to skin health by reducing wrinkles and increasing elasticity. It also aids in detoxification and promotes more restful sleep.

Why Choose GAL Magnesium Bisglycinate?

  • Gentle on the Digestive System: Even well-absorbed magnesium forms can cause loose stools in some individuals. Magnesium bisglycinate is the gentlest form, making it ideal for those with sensitive digestion and minimizing the risk of diarrhea.
  • High Absorption Rate: This form is absorbed effectively, especially in those who may experience adverse effects from other magnesium forms.
  • Fully Reacted Form: Our product ensures a fully reacted version, as opposed to less effective forms like magnesium glycinate.

Recommended Usage for Sleep Support

  • Dosage: Take 2-4 capsules daily. For best results, consume 1 or 2 capsules before bedtime. It may also alleviate heartburn at night and improve sleep quality.
  • Ingredients: 100% fully reacted magnesium bisglycinate, with each capsule containing 820mg of magnesium bisglycinate, providing 100mg of highly utilizable elemental magnesium.
  • Capsule Shell: Made from gelatin.

GAL Magnesium Bisglycinate is an excellent choice for those looking to enhance their magnesium intake gently and effectively, with the added benefits of glycine for overall well-being.


Active ingredients (per 2 capsules)

Fully reacted magnesium bisglycinate 1620 mg
– of which elemental magnesium: 200 mg (NRV* 53%)

*Nutrient Reference Value

Ingredients: Magnesium bisglycinate (fully reacted), gelatin (capsule shell)

Recommended Dosage

Take 2 x 1 pcs per day. Take one capsule in the evening after dinner or before going to bed, and the other after any meal.


Keep out of reach of children. This product is no substitute for a varied diet. Please do not exceed recommended daily dosage.

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