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Low Carb Apricot Jam and Grape Jam Mix 350g


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Low Carb Apricot Jam and Grape Jam Mix

We are sure you already know the apricot gives you quite a delightful taste especially when blended to produce the apricot jam. Well, if you are a jam lover, you’ve obviously tried this Low Carb Apricot Jam and Grape Jam Mix and loved it. Sometimes it might get a little boring especially if you get used to using one type of jam. Fortunately, we have the best solution for you. Have you ever tried the apricot and grape jam mix?

We all love to keep our bodies in a healthy state and in some cases it might be difficult. This is because we are in love with most sweet things and we rarely check if they are natural or not. If you want to go the natural way, then this is the best jam mix for you.

There is a whole variety of grapes in the world. This gives you multiple choices to choose from hence you have a chance to open new taste buds each and every time. The best part about this apricot grape jam mix is that you don’t have to peel the grapes but still you get a fantastic taste. All you have to do is choose a few under ripe grapes that will definitely help with the natural pectin. This is one of the best low carb jam mixes that you should consider using. Guess what you will have for breakfast? A yummy jelly jam that can go well with your best toasted bread.

Fruit content: 100 g jam is made using 50 g apricot, the jam contains pieces of fruit

Preservation Method: heat treatment

Shelf life: once opened, store in the refrigerator (5-10 °C) for maximum 5 days.

Storage conditions: store the unopened jam in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight

2 Exciting Ways to Use Our Low Carb Apricot Jam and Grape Jam Mix

  1. Spice up your favourite meat dish with a wonderful apricot-grape jam sauce! You won’t regret it!
  2. Use the low carb jam in itself and spread it on your favourite baked goods

Since our Low Carb Apricot Jam and Grape Jam Mix is not made with crystallized sugar or date syrup (for low nutritional value) their level of sweetness is lower. If you want more sweetness in your dessert, we recommend adding erythritol or syrup.

The jam contains naturally occurring sugars!

Nutrition Facts of Szafi Refrom Low Carb Apricot Jam and Grape Jam Mix (100 g)

Energy: 460 kJ / 108 kcal
Fat: 0.7 g of which saturated fatty acids 0 g
Carbohydrates: 23.8 g of which sugars 20.5 g
Fibre: 1.5 g
Protein: 0.7 g
Salt: <0.01 g

Ingredients: Apricot (50%), grape must concentrate (25%); drinking water, thickening agent (pectin)

Packing: 350g