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Slim and Smart Alkaline Water With Oxygenated 2l


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Slim and Smart Alkaline Water With Oxygenated Water 2l

This super healthy oxygenated water is our unique sparkling alkaline water, which is available in the UK now. It is made in Hungary., the country which is famous for its mineral waters.
In fact, this alkaline water contains min. 50 mg / l medical oxygen. This helps us create a unique sparkling alkaline water to reduce acid in your body.

Why is it important to keep the right balance in the acid and alkaline level?

We all know that some of the diseases could be caused or related to acidification. Some of them are diabetes, osteoporosis, rheumatism, ulcers, heartburn, allergies, eczema, atherosclerosis, hypertension, hot flushes, liver disorders, hair loss, strong body odour, sleep disorders, skin disorders, depression, dyspepsia, gout, myocardial infarction and cancer.

There is another general fact we can agree on. The types of foods you eat have an impact on your body’s pH level. There is a way of balancing out your PH level, and that is if we eat alkaline foods such as vegetable.

However, unfortunately, most of the foods raise your acid levels, and we are unable to avoid them. This leads to the problem, which happens during the metabolism when our body creates acids: uric acid, acetic acid, lactic acid, carbonic acid, etc

To help your body work well, you need to find the way of giving it alkaline foods or drinks, as much as you can. It is not only essential for keeping the balance to the alkaline range, but also to maintain your weight. For the human body, it is the easiest to absorb acid in fatty tissues. Once your body realised, it needs fat to help absorb the acid, you will put on weight, and it will be hard to get rid of it.

Furthermore, the body can also absorb the unneeded acids with taking calcium off of your joints and bones. Therefore, the persistent high acid level can lead to teeth problems, osteoporosis, bone issues and various organ damages. That’s why you need to give the right minerals to your body to keep the alkaline balance.

So what can you do other than eating loads of vegetables? Consume alkaline drinks.

Our oxygenated water is one of them. This alkaline water helps you keep the alkaline-acid balance with its ION PH9 – PH9.3 alkaline level. Regular consumption helps you feel better from only a few days. Give it to everyone in your family, and you can enjoy the health benefits of this sparkling mineral water.


Nutrition information of Slim and Smart O2 & Alkaline water:

PH 9.14
Calcium 31.7 mg / l
Magnesium 24.1 mg / l
Sodium 92.5 mg / l
Potassium 0.56 mg / l
Manganese 118 mcg / l
Iron <30 mcg / l
Ammonium of 0.49 mg / l
Nitrate <1.0 mg / l
Nitrite 0,03mg / l
Bound chlorine <0.1 mg / l
Free chlorine <0.1 mg / l
Conductivity 540 MCS / cm
COD of 1.28 mg / l
Odourless, Colourless

The oxygenated alkaline water’s shelf life is approx. 12 months. Store it in dark, cool place. It is recommended to consume at room temperature.