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Slim and Smart Alkaline Water With Oxygenated 2l


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Slim and Smart Alkaline Water With Oxygenated 2l

Introducing Slim and Smart Alkaline Water With Oxygenated Water – the groundbreaking sparkling alkaline water now available in the UK, straight from the heart of EU, a country celebrated for its exceptional mineral waters. This unique formula is infused with a minimum of 50 mg/l of medical oxygen, making our sparkling alkaline water a revolutionary choice for those seeking to reduce body acidity and enhance their overall well-being.

Why Maintain Acid-Alkaline Balance?

The balance between acid and alkaline levels in the body is crucial for preventing and managing various health conditions, including diabetes, osteoporosis, rheumatism, and even cancer. The modern diet, rich in acid-forming foods, challenges our body’s ability to maintain this delicate balance. Slim and Smart Alkaline Water offers a convenient and effective solution to support your body’s pH levels through regular hydration.

The Importance of Alkaline Intake:

In addition to an alkaline-rich diet, consuming alkaline beverages plays a vital role in maintaining optimal health. Our oxygenated water, with its ION PH9 – PH9.3 level, is an excellent choice for those looking to support their body’s natural balance. Regular consumption can lead to noticeable improvements in well-being, weight management, and prevention of mineral loss in bones and joints.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduces Body Acidity: Helps to neutralize excess acids in your body, promoting a healthier pH balance.
  • Supports Overall Health: Aids in preventing conditions associated with acidification.
  • Enhances Hydration: Oxygenated for better absorption and hydration.
  • Weight Management: Assists in maintaining a healthy weight by preventing unnecessary fat storage.
  • Mineral Retention: Supports your body in retaining essential minerals, preventing bone and joint issues.

Who Can Benefit?

Everyone! From individuals seeking to improve their overall health and wellness to those looking to manage their weight more effectively. Slim and Smart Alkaline Water is a superb addition to any diet, providing a simple yet powerful tool for maintaining health and vitality.

Enjoy the Sparkling Taste of Health:

Embrace the health benefits and refreshing taste of Slim and Smart Alkaline Water With Oxygenated Water. Whether you’re at home, at work, or on the go, make this exceptional water a part of your daily routine and step towards a balanced, healthier life.


Nutrition information of Slim and Smart O2 & Alkaline water:

PH 9.14
Calcium 31.7 mg / l
Magnesium 24.1 mg / l
Sodium 92.5 mg / l
Potassium 0.56 mg / l
Manganese 118 mcg / l
Iron <30 mcg / l
Ammonium of 0.49 mg / l
Nitrate <1.0 mg / l
Nitrite 0,03mg / l
Bound chlorine <0.1 mg / l
Free chlorine <0.1 mg / l
Conductivity 540 MCS / cm
COD of 1.28 mg / l
Odourless, Colourless

The oxygenated alkaline water’s shelf life is approx. 12 months. Store it in dark, cool place. It is recommended to consume at room temperature.