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SECRET Multivitamin and Fish Collagen Peptides + MSM


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What Real Women like ?

We Don’t want to look like to 30 years let us be 50 and fabulous and Healthy. We earner it!

Our SECRET MULTIVITAMIN and SECRET FISH COLLAGEN PEPTIDES + MSM for beauty-related purposes, designed for women also include specific nutrients known for their potential benefits for skin, hair, and nails.

The “SECRET” is practically a version of the GAL Multivitamin sharpened for beauty. This means that it contains everything that GAL Multivitamin does, but on top of that we have enriched it with other ingredients that help maintain healthy and youthful skin, hair and nails. Most of these active ingredients also support the health of the joints and bones, which are also very useful if we want to age young. It is important to note that GAL Multivitamin already contains many ingredients that have a beneficial effect on beauty, which is why we have already received many feedbacks that it also holds its own as a beauty vitamin. However, the SECRET version focuses directly on this aspect.

Beauty is supported by all the components of the product, but in particular, it contains nutrients for the skin and joints, hyaluronic acid and MSM, and in addition to these, it also contains a larger amount of silicon, which also protects the health of the nails. We didn’t miss the special ringing shilajit either, the detoxifying, strengthening and rejuvenating agent that has been highly valued in Indian, Tibetan and many other ancient medicines for thousands of years.


The fish collagen of the French Naticol® serves as the fish collagen base material of Secret Fish collagen peptides + MSM.


Directions for use: The water-soluble components of Secret Multivitamin have been separated from the fat-soluble ones, in each small bag containing the daily dose you will find 5 powder capsules and 1 oil capsule. The capsules can be taken during a meal with a few sips of liquid, preferably at breakfast or lunch, and not at dinner. You can take all the capsules at the same time, but due to the high vitamin and mineral content, it is preferable to take two identical, smaller, orange capsules with each meal, so take them separately, for example only one at breakfast and the other at lunch. The feeling of discomfort in the digestive system can thus be avoided even by those who are sensitive to it.

The recommended daily dose of Secret Fish collagen peptides + MSM is 5.75 grams (2 heaped teaspoons), which is one-thirtieth of the total monthly amount in the pouch. The dosage is not strict, so it is not a problem at all if you take a little more one day and a little less the next. It can be mixed into any liquid at any time of the day.


SECRET Multivitamin Lipophilic essence soft gelatin capsules (30 pcs):
extra virgin olive oil, d-alpha-tocopherol and mixed tocopherols, MSPO-certified red palm fruit extract, retinyl palmitate, sage extract, phylloquinone, 2% menaquinone-7-containing olive oil, cholecalciferol; capsule shell (gelatin, humectant: glycerin, water, caramel, sweetener: steviol glycosides from stevia leaf extract, crystalline vanillin).

SECRET Multivitamin Hydrophilic essence hard gelatin capsules (60 pcs):
Matrix of extracts of the fruit, holy basil and curry leaves and lemon peel), copper bisglycinate, organic mustard seed extract, black pepper extract, copper gluconate, biotin, calcium salt of methyl-L-folate, methylcobalamin, sodium molybdenum iodate, potassium iodate,,,; capsule shell (gelatin).

SECRET C-complex hard gelatin capsules (30 pcs):
L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C), citrus bioflavonoid complex, red grape seed extract, black pepper extract; capsule shell (gelatin).

SECRET Magnesium bisglycinate hard gelatin capsules (30): magnesium bisglycinate (“fully reacted”); capsule shell (gelatin).

SECRET Beauty hard gelatin capsules (30 pcs):
sodium hyaluronate, methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), shilajit, organic bamboo shoot extract; capsule shell (gelatin).

SECRET Drink powder (173 g):
fish collagen, methylsulfonylmethane (MSM).


  • The product contains crystal vanillin! In case of sensitivity to the ingredient, we do not recommend its consumption!
  • If you are taking warfarin or coumarin (vitamin K antagonist) anticoagulants, use them only with your doctor’s approval!
  • We do not recommend herbal products such as Shilajit during pregnancy out of caution (nurses recommend minimizing the consumption of herbs).