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Slim Burger Bun with Sesame Seeds 95g


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17 in stock

Embrace the joy of indulging in your favorite burger without derailing your low-carb lifestyle with the Slim Hamburger Bun with Sesame Seeds. This innovative bun is a key component of our Low Carb Diet product line, designed specifically for those committed to a carb-restricted diet but unwilling to compromise on taste and texture. Whether you’re working towards your dream body or simply looking to maintain a healthier eating routine, our Slim Hamburger Bun allows you to enjoy the classic burger experience with a guilt-free twist.


  • Low Carb: Drastically reduced carbohydrate content compared to traditional hamburger buns, perfect for those following a low-carb or keto diet.
  • Sesame Seed Topping: Adds a delightful crunch and flavor, enhancing the overall taste of your burger.
  • No Added Sugar: Sweetened naturally, without the addition of sugars, making it an ideal choice for those monitoring their sugar intake.
  • Egg-Enriched Dough: Provides a soft, rich texture while boosting the protein content, making it more satisfying and nourishing.
  • Versatile: Though designed for hamburgers, these buns are perfect for any type of sandwich, ensuring you don’t miss out on your favorite meals.


  • Diet-Friendly: Supports your health and weight management goals by aligning with low-carb dietary restrictions.
  • Nutrient-Dense: Offers a healthier alternative without sacrificing taste or texture, enriched with protein to keep you fuller longer.
  • Convenient: Ready to use, these buns make it easy to whip up a delicious burger at home, anytime the craving strikes.

  • Enjoy Your Favorites
    : Allows you to enjoy the pleasure of a good hamburger without the guilt associated with high-carb options.

Perfect For:

  • Individuals following a low-carb or keto diet.
  • Anyone looking to reduce their sugar and carbohydrate intake.
  • Fitness enthusiasts aiming for a leaner physique without giving up burgers.
  • Health-conscious individuals seeking a balance between nutrition and indulgence.

Transform your burger experience with the Slim Hamburger Bun with Sesame Seeds and enjoy the satisfaction of a hearty, delicious burger that fits perfectly within your dietary goals. Our Low Carb Diet product line ensures you don’t have to sacrifice your favorite foods to stay on track with your health and fitness objectives.

Slim Hamburger Bun with sesame seeds

lt, sweetener (erythritol), baking agent [wheat flour, emulsifier acid mono- and diglycerides ), flour treatment agent (ascorbic acid), enzymes].

Allergen information: Contains gluten, soy, milk, eggs, sesame seeds. May contain traces of nuts and peanuts.

Average nutritional data:

100 g of product
Energy: 1217kJ / 290 kcal
Fat: 11.2 g
of which saturated fatty acids 4.8 g
Carbohydrate: 24.5 g
of which sugars: 1.2 g
polyols: 0.26 g
Fiber: 7.5 g
Protein: 18.8 g
Salt: 1.23 g

Do not baked, just defrost


Store in a freezer below -18 C, without compression.

Do not re-freeze after thawing!


Preparation proposal

Defrost unpackedly for 55-60 minutes.

So, the product just needs to be thawed and it can be consumed.

It retains its quality for 24 hours after releasing.


Ingredients: water, wheat flour, wheat gluten, margarine [refined vegetable oils and fats (coconut, sunflower, palm, rapeseed in varying proportions), drinking water, emulsifiers (fatty acids mono- and diglycerides), table salt, preservatives (sorbic acid, potassium sorbic acid) , acidity regulator (citric acid), flavor, colorant (carotenes)], vegetable fiber (bamboo), soybean meal, premix {wheat flour, emulsifiers (mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, sodium stearoyl-2-lactylate), whey powder and whey powder anti-fouling agent (calcium phosphates), flavor, flour treatment agent (ascorbic acid), enzymes], sesame seeds 3.5%, yeast, whole egg juice, table sa