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Protein Pudding Blueberry flavoured with blueberry pieces high protein containing foodstuff with sweeteners.

Savor the Berry Bliss: Blueberry Protein Pudding with Real Blueberry Pieces

Elevate your snack time with our Blueberry Protein Pudding, a sumptuous blend of smooth pudding and real blueberry pieces. This high-protein delicacy is your ticket to indulging in the sweet, tangy flavors of blueberries while sticking to your health and fitness goals. Crafted for those who don’t want to compromise on taste or nutrition, our blueberry-flavored pudding is the perfect treat to satisfy cravings and provide a substantial protein boost.

Our Blueberry Protein Pudding with blueberry pieces strikes the perfect balance between indulgence and nutrition, making it an ideal choice for fitness enthusiasts, busy professionals, or anyone looking for a delicious, protein-rich snack. It’s a guilt-free pleasure that supports your active lifestyle and dietary preferences with every bite.

Easy-to-Prepare, Delicious Anytime Treat

Preparing this delightful pudding is a breeze—just combine 50g of the powder with 150ml of cold water or skimmed milk in a shaker bottle, shake for 30 seconds, and it’s ready to enjoy. Its convenience and portability make it an excellent food supplement for daily consumption, fitting effortlessly into your busy schedule.

Whether you need a quick breakfast, a satisfying afternoon snack, or a post-exercise recovery treat, our Blueberry Protein Pudding is designed to cater to your needs, offering a high-protein option that’s both nutritious and delicious.


Keep out of reach of childen. Food supplement do not replace a balanced dieat and healthy lifestlyle. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Execessive consumption may produce laxative effect.

Storage Conditions: 

Store products tightly closed between 5-30C keep away from direct heat, moisture and sunlight. Do not store for than 6 monts after opening.


whey protein blend (whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate), modified starch (waxy maize), inulin (from chicory), sweeteners (xylitol, sorbitol), lyophilized blueberry pieces 2,5%, acid (citric acid), thickening agent (xanthan gum), flavouring, salt, sweetener (suclarose).

Allergen Information:

made in facility that uses soy, egg and nuts.

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: 1 +1/4 measuring scoop 50g Serving per box: 10
Content Per 100g Product Per serving 20g *RI% Per Serving
Energy 1451 KJ/343kcal 726KJ/172 kcal 9%
Fat 1,6g 0,8 g 1%
of which saturates 1,1 g 0,55 g 3%
Carbohidrate 37 g 19 g 7%
of which sugar 6,2 g 3,1 g 3%
of which polyols 10 g 5 g
Fibre 8,5 g 4,3 g
Protein 45 g 23g 46%
Salt 0,7 g 0,35 g 6%
*RI%: Refence intake of an avarage adult (8400KJ/2000kcal). RI has not been estabilished.