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Update Low Carb Butter Croissant Straight 45g


8 in stock

8 in stock

Indulge in the timeless delight of a classic breakfast treat with the Update Zero Butter Croissant, ingeniously designed for those who yearn for the tender, buttery folds of a traditional croissant while remaining committed to their health and figure. This 45g straight croissant is the epitome of indulgence without compromise, catering to the dietary needs of the health-conscious.

Features of Update Zero Butter Croissant:

  • Naturally Sweetened: This croissant brings you the pleasure of sweetness without the burden of added sugars, making it an ideal choice for those monitoring their sugar intake diligently.
  • Convenience at Its Best: Ready-baked and quick-frozen to preserve its freshness, this croissant delivers a bakery-fresh experience directly from your oven in mere minutes.
  • Richly Enriched Dough: Crafted with a lavish mix of eggs and butter, it offers the genuine flavor and texture aficionados of fine pastries deeply appreciate.
  • Optimized Nutrition: Witness a remarkable 55% reduction in carbohydrates, a 220% boost in fiber content, and a 130% increase in protein, making it a powerhouse of nutrition.
  • Tailored for Diets: Free from added sugars and enriched with dietary fiber and protein, it is perfectly suited for those following low-carb, keto, or general weight management plans.

Why Choose  Update Zero Butter Croissant?

  • Guilt-Free Indulgence: Revel in the buttery, flaky goodness of a conventional croissant sans the guilt. Ideal for an opulent breakfast or an elegant snack at any time, it redefines indulgence.
  • Supports Dietary Goals: An exemplary addition to your dietary routine, blending exquisite taste with nutritional balance. It stands as a prime choice for individuals keen on managing their carbohydrate and sugar consumption without foregoing their preferred delights.
  • Utmost Convenience: Effortlessly prepared, it brings the luxury of a gourmet bakery into your home, eliminating the fuss. It’s the perfect pick for hectic mornings or when in need of a comforting treat.

For those on a weight loss journey or managing diabetes, the Update Zero Butter Croissant is a dream come true. It allows for responsible indulgence, fitting seamlessly into a diet that prioritizes low sugar and carb intake. Available through the Slim and Smart web shop alongside a diverse array of health-centric products, it invites you to enjoy the harmonious marriage of tradition and wellness with every bite. Dive into the world of guilt-free pleasure with the Norbi Update Zero Butter Croissant and redefine your dietary experience.


Average nutritional data

per 100 g of product


Energy 1181 kJ/281 kcal


Fat 10.0 g
of which saturated fatty acids 5.9 g


Carbohydrate 25.0 g


of which sugars 1.74 g


Polyols 0.45 g


Fibre 7.3 g


Protein 19.0 g


Salt 1.27 g



flour mixture (wheat flour, wheat gluten, vegetable fiber (bamboo), soy flour), drinking water, milk, butter (8g / 100g), premix [(wheat flour, emulsifiers (mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, sodium stearoyl-2-lactylate), anti-caking agents (calcium phosphates), flavoring, flour treatment (ascorbic acid), enzymes], whole egg juice (2.8g / 100g), yeast, table salt, sweetener (erythritol), baking [wheat flour, emulsifier and fatty acid diacetyl tartaric acid esters of diglycerides), flour treatment agent (ascorbic acid), enzymes]. Contains traces of nuts, peanuts.



Store in a freezer below -18 C, without compression.

Do not re-freeze after thawing!



Defrost unpacked 55-60 minutes after thawing.

So, the product just needs to be thawed and it can be consumed.

It retains its quality for 24 hours after releasing.