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Update Low Carb Butter Croissant Straight 45g

It does not contain added sugar. It is rich in dietary fiber. Rich in protein. Carbohydrate content reduced by 55%. Fibre content increased by 220%. 130% increased protein content.

Update Zero Butter Hamburger Bun with Black Sesame Seed 65g

Low in Calories: Reduced Carbs and Sugars: Perfect for Weight Loss and Slimming: Maintain That Bomb Shape:

Zero Calorie Smokey BBQ Sauce 425ml

Dairy free Fat free Gluten free Low sugar Suitable for diabetics Vegan

Vegan Paleo Gluten Free Coconut Porridge

Gluten Free Coconut Porridge for a healthy, full diet breakfast – dairy free coconut oatmeal – egg free coconut oats – soya free healthy breakfast – corn free coconut porridge which is free from additives and artificial flavour enhancers

Vegan Paleo Gluten Free Chocolate Pudding Mix 70g

– vegan chocolate pudding mix – Paleo pudding – Pudding mix without added sugar and flavouring – chocolate pudding without artificial flavour enhancer

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Vegan, Gluten Free Flatbread Flour 1000g

Szaffi Free ‘Langos’ Hungarian Flatbread Flour Mix – gluten free – dairy free – egg free – wheat free – yeast free – vegan

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Update Keto Zero Erythritol Sweetener 1:4

99% erythritol Suitable for vegans and vegetarians Safe and efficient way to sweeten your drinks and dishes A healthy alternative to sugar No aftertaste

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Update Universal Flour Mixture with 50% reduced carbohydrate content 500g

Perfect combination of Master Mix and traditional flour. Its carbohydrate content is only 35.4 grams. As traditional flours have 70-76 grams, so the product has a 50% reduced carbohydrate content.  


Under Skin Revolution – 30 Day Supply Transform your wellness routine with Under Skin Revolution, a dynamic blend of collagen, L-carnitine, hyaluronic acid, caffeine, plant extracts, vitamins, and minerals, all sweetened naturally without added sugars. As part of the Nutrition Protein family, this mango-passion fruit flavored drink mix is designed to rejuvenate from the inside [...]

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Update Low Carb – Tortilla Wraps (2*70g)

No added sugar Just thaw and serve Perfect for burritos and other tortilla dishes Low carb

Update Stevia-Erythritol-Sucralose Sweetener Tablets (9g) 0 Sugar

  Easy to dose 150 pcs A healthy alternative to sugar Tasteless sweetener 189 calories/serving Lactose free Sugar-free