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Red Wine

The flesh of the grapes is usually white, but it is fermented for some time with the skin on it before pressing. During this process, the dyes in the fruit skin dissolve. This will make it red. Colors ranging from red to deep burgundy fall into this category. Moderate consumption of it can greatly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Recommended for fried, grilled, more spiced foods. The heavier and stronger the meat, the more full-bodied wine we choose for it.

The most famous red wine in Hungary is Bull’s blood. We have a good selection of this type.

Merlot is a deep ruby red, slightly medium-bodied one with a fruity aroma and taste.

They are best consumed at 15-16 ° C recommended with beef, pork, lamb, duck, turkey spicy roasts, Hungarian dishes, stews, cheddar and blue cheeses.

We have a wide selection of white wine as well, have a look HERE