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Dr. Hummel Microfiber Gel


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5 in stock

Dr. Hummel Microfiber Gel 450g

Introducing the Mixed Fruit Flavored Dr. Hummel Microfiber Gel, which positively influences the digestive processes through the use of microbial cellulose.


There is no other type of fiber capable of retaining as much water in our intestines as the microbial cellulose found in Microfiber Gel. Without water, there is no life! Without sufficient water, there is no healthy life! The provision of water to our cells is referred to as hydration. The more water an living cell can retain, the more hydrated, youthful, and healthier it becomes. This is one of the fundamental rules of LIFE.

Our intestines are home to billions of microbiota. These microorganisms can only be supplied with water, hydrated, if there is enough water in the intestinal contents. This task can only be fulfilled by fibers, particularly hydrated fibers. The more water retained through hydration in the colon, the healthier our gut flora. Consequently, the healthier our gut flora, the healthier we are! There is no other food in the world capable of delivering as much water to the colon and retaining it as Microfiber Gel!

When is it recommended to consume Microfiber Gel?

In cases of low fiber intake
When taking probiotics
During stressful lifestyles
With low fluid intake
After antibiotic treatment
In cases of obesity
In cases of high blood sugar levels

1 tablespoon 2 tablespoon  3 tablespoon

Components               1.75g              3g                    30g

Microbial cellulose:       0.7g                1.2g                 12g

Green tea extract          2.1mg             3.6mg              36mg

Ingredients: Water, Microbial Cellulose, Green and black tea extract
Colorants: Mixed fruit emulsion, blue grape skin

Recommended dosage for adults: maximum 3×1 tablespoon (30 g), minimum 1×1 tablespoon (10 g).

For children: up to 5 years, 3×1 mocha spoon (3 g), up to 14 years, 3×1 teaspoon (5 g).

Its consumption is recommended before or during meals.
Warning For new consumers, the recommended daily dose for the first week is 1 tablespoon (or less)!

Energy content: 29 kJ/100g (4 kcal)

Net weight 450 g