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Toffee Low Sugar Chocaholic Skinny Spread 350g


13 in stock

13 in stock

Discover the Heavenly Blend of Chocolate and Toffee with Our Chocoholic Toffee Spread

Attention all chocolate lovers! Get ready to indulge in our new Chocoholic Toffee Spread, a decadent chocolate and toffee-flavored spread that is set to become your go-to choice for a sumptuous snack.

Why Our Toffee Spread Is Unmissable:

  • Irresistible Flavor: Imagine the perfect harmony of rich cocoa and buttery fudge. This is what our Toffee Spread offers – a dreamy, delicious concoction that’s sure to impress every chocolate aficionado.
  • Low in Sugar: With 92% less sugar than regular chocolate spreads, our toffee spread allows you to savor the sweetness without the sugar overload.
  • Versatile Delight: Whether it’s spread over toast, drizzled on pancakes, or used as a topping for waffles, crumpets, fruit, or porridge, our spread adds a delightful twist to any snack or meal.
  • Perfect for Pancakes: Transform your pancakes from plain to phenomenal by spreading our skinny toffee magic on them. Add your favorite toppings for an absolutely guilt-free treat, thanks to just 25 calories per serving.
  • A Fan Favorite: Our Toffee Spread isn’t just a spread – it’s a sensation. It’s become so popular that we now offer it in convenient snack pots, perfect for on-the-go indulgence.

Reasons to Love Our Toffee Spread:

  • Zero Palm Oil: We’re committed to environmental responsibility with zero palm oil in our products.
  • Great Taste: Indulge in a low-sugar, great-tasting chocolate spread that doesn’t compromise on flavor.
  • Only 26 Calories Per Serving: Enjoy without counting calories.
  • Versatile Use: Great with toast, pancakes, waffles, and more, or simply savor it straight from the spoon.

How To Enjoy It:

Our Toffee Spread is perfect for enhancing your favorite dishes or for creating new culinary delights. It’s an excellent ingredient for baking, smoothies, or just as a delightful spread.

Storage and Consumption Tips:

  • Store Smartly: Keep the spread in a cool place, away from direct sunlight, ideally between 18-22°C.
  • Consume Responsibly: Our products are not intended for excess consumption. A teaspoon (5g) serving size is perfect for enjoying the flavor.
  • Allergen Information: Check the ingredients list for allergens. Note that excessive consumption may lead to laxative effects.

Transform your snacks and desserts with our Chocoholic Toffee Spread and join us in this delicious journey of taste and indulgence!

Nutritionals information  per /100g
Energy (kj): 2143
Energy (kcal): 523
Fat: 41
Of which Saturated: 12
Carbohydrates: 51
Of which sugars:  4.4
Dietary Fibre:  0
Protein : 5.9
Salt : 0.10


Sweeteners: maltitol, vegetable fats (shea, rapeseed), whole milk powder, whey protein concentrate (milk), fat-reduced cocoa powder (cocoa, acidity regulators: potassium carbonate, potassium hydroxide), corn starch, flavourings, emulsifier: lecithins (from sunflower), colouring: beta-carotene.

Product may contain other nuts, soy, cereals containing gluten. Contains naturally occurring sugars.