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Update Zero Butter Hamburger Bun with Black Sesame Seed 65g


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18 in stock

Update Zero Butter Hamburger Bun with Black Sesame Seeds 65g – A Game-Changer in Healthy Eating!

Do you often find yourself craving a delicious hamburger but then step back, thinking about the greasiness, high calories, and unhealthy aspects? Especially when you are on a diet, it seems like a tough choice. We know that not all hamburger meats are a no-go for health-conscious diets, but what about the buns?

Great news for everyone watching their diet! The Slim and Smart webshop brings to you the  Update Zero Butter Hamburger Bun with Black Sesame Seeds. This isn’t just a regular bun; it’s a dietary marvel that’s here to transform the way you enjoy hamburgers.

Why Should You Try Update Zero Butter Hamburger Bun with Black Sesame Seeds?

  • Nutrient-Packed Black Sesame Seeds: These tiny seeds are not only flavorful but packed with health benefits. They add a nutty taste and a boost of nutrients to your hamburger experience.
  • Low in Calories: No more worrying about calorie overload. This bun is specially crafted to keep the calorie count low, making it a smart choice for calorie-conscious individuals.
  • Reduced Carbs and Sugars: A diet-friendly bun that’s low in carbs and sugars? Yes, please! It’s ideal for those trying to cut down on these elements without sacrificing taste.
  • Ideal for Weight Loss and Slimming: If your goal is weight loss or maintaining a slim figure, this bun aligns perfectly with your dietary needs. It allows you to indulge in your favorite food while keeping your diet on track.
  • Maintain Your Bomb Shape: Who says staying in shape means cutting out all your favorite foods? This bun is your ticket to enjoying delicious hamburgers without compromising on your fitness goals.

The Update Zero Butter Hamburger Bun with Black Sesame Seeds is more than just a healthier alternative; it’s a delicious way to enjoy your favorite meals guilt-free. Whether you’re aiming to lose weight, stay slim, or just eat healthier, this bun is your perfect match. Head to the Slim and Smart webshop and add this wonderful product to your healthy eating arsenal!

Happy and Healthy Eating Awaits!


Update Zero Butter Hamburger Bun with Black Sesame Seeds 65g – A Nutritional Powerhouse!

Are you a fan of hamburgers but often find yourself hesitant due to health concerns? Well, it’s time to change that narrative! Introducing the Update Zero Butter Hamburger Bun with Black Sesame Seeds, a 65g marvel that’s ready to redefine your burger experience. Not just any bun, this one is sprinkled with sesame seeds and sweetener, expertly baked, and quick-frozen for freshness.

Here’s what makes the Update Zero Butter Hamburger Bun stand out:

Nutritious Ingredients: Crafted from a dough enriched with eggs and butter, this bun doesn’t just bring taste to the table; it brings nourishment.

No Added Sugar: You heard it right! While it contains naturally occurring sugars, there’s no added sugar, making it a healthier choice for those conscious about their sugar intake.

Rich in Dietary Fiber and Protein: This bun isn’t just about cutting back; it’s about adding nutritional value. It’s rich in dietary fiber and protein, ensuring you get more than just empty calories.

Reduced Carbohydrate Content: With a 47% reduction in carbohydrate content, this bun is perfect for those looking to lower their carb intake without sacrificing their love for hamburgers.

Significantly Reduced Sugar Content: The sugar content is reduced by a whopping 75%, making it an excellent option for those monitoring their sugar consumption closely.

Increased Fiber Content: With a 135% increase in fiber content, this bun supports your digestive health and keeps you fuller for longer.

Increased Protein Content: And if that wasn’t enough, the protein content is increased by 125%, making it a fantastic choice for fitness enthusiasts and anyone looking to boost their protein intake.

The Update Zero Butter Hamburger Bun with Black Sesame Seeds is not just a bun; it’s a statement of a healthier lifestyle without compromising on taste or quality. Perfect for anyone on a health journey, this bun lets you enjoy your favorite hamburgers guilt-free.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of healthy, delicious eating with the Update Zero Butter Hamburger Bun. Available now at your preferred store!

Happy, Healthy, and Tasty Eating!



Flour mixture (wheat flour, wheat gluten, vegetable fiber (bamboo), soy flour), drinking water, milk, butter (7g / 100g), premix [(wheat flour, emulsifiers (mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, sodium stearoyl-2-lactylate). anti-caking agents (calcium phosphates), flavoring, flour treatment (ascorbic acid), enzymes], whole egg juice (2.7g / 100g), yeast, table salt, sweetener (erythritol), baking [wheat flour, emulsifier, and fatty acid diacetyl tartaric acid esters of diglycerides), flour treatment agent (ascorbic acid), enzymes, may contain traces of nuts, peanuts.


Average nutritional data

per 100 g of product


Energy 1249 kJ / 297 kcal




11.6 g
of which saturated fatty acids 6.0 g


Carbohydrate 25.11 g


of which sugars 1.7 g
polyols 0.43 g
Fibre 7.5 g
Protein 19.0 g
Salt 1.22 g



Store in a freezer below -18 C, without compression.

Do not re-freeze after thawing!


Preparation proposal

Defrost unpacked for 55-60 minutes.

So, the product just needs to be thawed and it can be consumed.

It retains its quality for 24 hours after releasing.