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Premium Blackcurrant Palinka (44%ABV, 0.5L)


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What makes this drink special

Blackcurrant is a very versatile fruit, and not just for making cheesecakes, puddings, crumbles and pies! Did you know that blackcurrant is suitable for making delicious drinks as well? One of the most popular and well-known drinks made from blackcurrant is the so called Crème de cassis, a fragrant blackcurrant liqueur, but blackcurrant is a perfect “palinka fruit” too. The extremely rich aromatic taste of this blackcurrant palinka makes this artisan fruit brandy an ideal choice for any occasion. Premium Blackcurrant palinka is a unique drink, perfect for family gatherings or as a gift for those who like high-quality, 100% natural, artisan spirits. Fresh, tender, fragrant, spicy and sweet drink made in the age-old traditional way, using the “pot-still” distillation method. This delicious 100% fruit palinka is a perfect accompaniment to light, summer dishes. Moreover, it is a great cocktail ingredient as well.

In 2014 Szicsek Palinka Distillery won a Gold Medal with Premium Blackcurrant Palinka on a spirit competition, competing against over 150 distilleries in Hungary.

Product details

  • Size: 500 ml
  • Strength (ABV): 44%
  • Brand: Szicsek Palinka
  • Presentation: Glass bottle
  • Type: Artisan fruit brandy