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Szicsek’s 3 Years Old Apple Brandy


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2 in stock

Szicsek’s 3 Years Old Apple Palinka

What makes this drink special

Apple pie is a favourite dessert for many people around the globe. Some of them are shocked to hear that apple can also be used to make different kinds of spirits. Apple and alcohol? Why not? Apple is not as popular as strawberry for instance, but it has its own unique qualities that make it one of the most widely-used fruits in the food and drink industry. You must have already heard about the famous plum brandy. Did you know that apple is suitable for making palinka as well?  The process is called distillation. This aged apple palinka is one of the most popular products of Szicsek Palinka Distillery’s product range. Basically, this drink is apple crumble in a bottle with a hint of whiskey-like flavour.

The meaning of the word “palinka” is obvious. But what does “3-years-old” refer to? It means that this unique spirit is aged in charred oak kegs for at least 3 years before bottling. The so called “old” palinka (Hungarian: ópálinka) has an official definition as well: fruit brandy aged for at least one year in wooden barrels smaller than 1000 liters or for at least two years in wooden barrels of 1000 liters or more.

Handmade,  aged apple palinka is a special whiskey-like spirit with the true essence of ruby red apple in the bottle. Perfect drink for family gatherings, birthday parties or as a gift for those who like high-quality, 100% natural, artisan spirits. Fresh, strong and sweet smelling drink, made in the age-old traditional way. Similarly to aged pear palinka, this delicious aged apple palinka is a perfect accompaniment to light meals and desserts. Best served on its own.

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The Szicsek Pálinka Distillery, based in the town of Tiszaföldvár, is one of the most significant sole proprietorships of the Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county. The venture seeks high quality, constant and true values, as well as authenticity. 

Szicsek’s 3 Years Old Apple Palinka (44%ABV, 0.7L)

Product details

  • Size: 500 ml
  • Strength (ABV): 44%
  • Brand: Szicsek Palinka
  • Presentation: Glass bottle
  • Type: Artisan fruit brandy

Add In A Few Ice Cubes. Drink Is Best Served Chilled!

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