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Update Low Carb Chocolate Crescent Roll 60 g


40 in stock

40 in stock

 Indulge in the Delicious Update Low Carb Chocolate Crescent Roll!

Welcome to the world of guilt-free indulgence with our Update Low Carb Chocolate Crescent Roll – a brand new delicacy that’s sure to become your favorite! Designed for those on a low carb diet, this snack is a dream come true for anyone aiming to achieve their dream body without giving up on delicious treats.

🌟 Benefits of Update Low Carb Chocolate Crescent Roll

  • Balanced Nutrition: Packed with 27.3g of carbohydrates per 100g, it’s the perfect balance for a low-carb diet.
  • Rich in Fiber and Protein: This treat is not just tasty but also high in fiber and protein, contributing to your overall health.
  • Digestive Health: With a good amount of both soluble and insoluble fiber, it aids in improving your digestion.
  • Naturally Sweet: Enjoy the natural sweetness without worrying about excessive sugar intake.
  • Low Carb Alternative: It contains at least 30% fewer carbs than traditional chocolate crescents.
  • Irresistible Flavor: The combination of soft, creamy chocolate filling and crispy puff pastry makes it a heavenly choice.

🥐💪 Who Should Try Update Low Carb Chocolate Crescent Roll?

Our Chocolate Crescent Roll is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth who is also mindful of their carb intake. It’s an ideal snack for those on a calorie-restricted diet but still crave sweets and chocolates. And if you’re looking to serve a sumptuous and healthy breakfast, these crescent rolls paired with hot cocoa are exactly what you need in your kitchen.

At Slim and Smart, we believe in providing delicious, health-conscious options without compromising on taste. So, why wait? Try our Update Low Carb Chocolate Crescent Roll and make your diet deliciously enjoyable!

Nutritional information (per 100g)

Energy: 1314 kJ / 316 kcal
Fat: 21.3 g
of which saturates: 10.2 g
Carbohydrates: 21.6 g
of which sugars: 0.4 g
of which polyols: 8.5 g
Fiber: 15.8 g
Protein: 13.3 g
Salt: 0.78 g

Allergen info: The product contains soy, gluten, milk, eggs, lupin flour. The product may contain traces of sesame seeds, hazelnuts and nuts!Please always read the labels of the products you receive before consuming.


Water, wheat flour, vegetable margarine (palm fat, water, emulsifiers: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, acidity regulators: citric acid and sodium citrates, salt), chocolate flavoring (5%) [low-fat cocoa powder, chocolate powder with sweeteners (20% cocoa mass, soluble fibers: polydextrose and resistant corn dextrin, sweeteners: erythritol, isomalt, sucralose, low-fat cocoa powder, stabilizer: calcium carbonate, cocoa butter), flavorings (chocolate, vanilla), crystal vanillin], lupin flour, maltodextrin, breadcrumbs (wheat flour, water, salt, yeast, baking agent: enzymes, ascorbic acid, inactive yeast), whey powder, defatted soy flour, golden flaxseed flour, refined sunflower oil, modified starches (potato, corn), wheat gluten, sweeteners (erythritol, sucralose), bamboo fiber, baking agent (wheat gluten, wheat malt flour, emulsifiers: mono- and diacetyltartaric acid esters of mono- and diglycerides, rapeseed lecithin, stabilizer: guar flour, anti-caking agent: calcium phosphates, flour treatment agent: ascorbic acid, enzymes), yeast, whole milk powder, pasteurized liquid whole egg, soluble fiber (polydextrose), salt, thickeners (sodium carboxymethylcellulose, guar gum).

Directions for Use

Put the frozen crescents on a baking sheet and bake for approximately 20-25 minutes at 180°CBaking times may vary depending on the accuracy of the oven.