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High Fibre Diet Gluten Free Fibre Powder – Paleo Fibre Mix 1000g


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3 in stock

Introducing the Ultimate High Fibre Diet Solution: Gluten-Free Paleo Fibre Mix 1000g

Elevate your dietary regimen with our revolutionary High Fibre Diet Gluten-Free Fibre Powder – Paleo Fibre Mix 1000g. In a world where maintaining a healthy digestive system is crucial for overall health, this fibre powder mix emerges as a key ingredient for anyone seeking to enhance their diet, especially when on a weight management journey.

Why Prioritize Fibre in Your Diet?

Fibre is the unsung hero of nutritional wellness, playing a vital role in maintaining a healthy digestive tract. A diet rich in high-fibre foods not only ensures your digestive system operates smoothly but also provides a satiating effect, aiding in weight management. With Szafi Reform’s Gluten-Free Fibre Powder Mix, you can effortlessly integrate the essential “carb-reducing” benefits into your diet, complementing any flour and enhancing your meals’ nutritional profile.

Key Benefits of Gluten-Free Paleo Fibre Mix 1000g

  • Digestive Health Support: A high-fibre diet is fundamental for a well-functioning digestive system, helping to prevent constipation and promote regularity.
  • Weight Management: By making you feel fuller for longer, our fibre mix can naturally assist in controlling your calorie intake, facilitating weight loss.
  • Carbohydrate Reduction: Incorporating this Gluten-Free Fibre Powder Mix into your meals can significantly lower their carbohydrate content, perfect for those on a low-carb or paleo diet.
  • Versatile Use: Whether you’re baking low-carb bread, pastries, or even a sponge cake, this Paleo Fibre Mix is your go-to ingredient for adding nutritional value without compromising taste or texture.

Recommended Daily Intake

Health experts suggest a daily fibre intake of at least 30g, derived from beans, nuts, whole grains, and whole meals. Our Gluten-Free Fibre Powder Mix is an excellent supplement to your diet, ensuring you meet your daily fibre needs while keeping your carbohydrate intake in check.

Elevate Your Diet with Gluten-Free Paleo Fibre Mix

Szafi Reform’s Gluten-Free Fibre Powder Mix is not just another dietary supplement; it’s a lifestyle change. By seamlessly blending into your favorite recipes, it offers a practical solution for anyone looking to boost their fibre intake without sacrificing taste or dietary preferences.

Bread recipe that has 97% less carb than a conventional bread:


75 g Szafi Reform Gluten Free Fibre Powder
12 g Gluten Free Bamboo Powder
12 g phosphate-free baking powder (or 3 g bicarbonate of soda)
3 g salt
2-4 g ground garlic powder or other herb mix
3 free-range, medium-sized eggs
3 free-range egg whites
90 g lukewarm water (if you would like to get a whiter bread, replace water with 20 g freshly squeezed lemon juice. It also gives a fluffier texture)


Get two bowls and combine the liquid ingredients in one and dry ingredients in the other one.
Mix the two bowls together and let the dough rest for 5 minutes.
Preheat the oven to 175 ℃.
With wet hands, form baguette, bun, kaiser bun or crescent roll shapes. (This amount is enough for approx. 4 pieces.)
Bake it for 60-65 minutes (bread) or 35 minutes (smaller baked goods).
Let it cool completely on a rack before slicing!

Insider info: You can boost your baked goods with anything you like (for example, seeds, dried onion, dried tomato, olives etc.)

Nutritional information (per 100g)

Energy: 785 kJ / 196 kcal
Fat: 0.5 g
of which saturates: 0.1 g
Carbohydrates: 1.1 g
of which sugars: 0.6 g
Fiber: 91.6 g
Protein: 0.9 g
Salt: 0.23 g

Allergen info: This product may contain sesame seed, mustard seed, celery, nuts and sulphites! Please always read the labels of the products you receive before consuming.


Bamboo fiber, psyllium seed husk, acidity regulator (citric acid), thickener (konjac gum).