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Protein Cheese Pizza

Introducing the Ultimate Protein Pizza Cheese Flavored Base – A Game Changer for Pizza Lovers! Elevate your homemade pizza experience with our Protein Pizza Cheese Flavored Base, designed for those who love pizza but are mindful of their protein intake. This innovative product is not just a pizza base; it’s a high-protein, delicious foundation for [...]

Update Low Carb Pizza Dough Ball (2 x 225g)

A healthy alternative to conventional pizza dough Yeast dough Rich in dietary fiber Unique culinary experience Reduced carbohydrate content

Pizza sheet 522g (3 X 174g) Gluten-Free

Glutenfree dairy-free soy-free egg-free lactose-free vegan no added sugar low glycemic index, slowly absorbed carbohydrates ingredients rich in vitamins and minerals yeast-free

Low Carb Pepperoni & Margarita Pizza 350g

What Makes This Low carb Pepperoni & Margarita Pizza  When hearing the word “pizza” usually two things come to your mind: fattening and unhealthy. With this revolutionary low carb salami pizza, Slim and smart made every pizza lover dieters’ dream come true. This amazing dish blends traditional Italian flavours and diet-friendliness. This low calorie salami pizza [...]


Gluten Free Diet Yeast And Egg Free Gluten Free Pizza Flour 1000g

vegan-friendly and free from soy, dairy, rice, corn, and yeast, no added sugar