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Dia-Wellness Pancake Mix 500g Or 2500 g


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Dia-Wellness Pancake Mix 500g Or 2500 g

Create delicious, guilt-free pancakes in no time with Dia-Wellness Pancake Mix, the ultimate choice for those mindful of their dietary needs without sacrificing taste. This American pancake mix allows you to whip up easy, fluffy pancakes that can be topped with your favorite healthy options like jam, chocolate, or maple syrup. Embrace a healthier lifestyle without spending excessive time in the kitchen, thanks to Dia-Wellness.

About Dia-Wellness

Dia-Wellness is at the forefront of nutritional innovation, offering a range of products specifically designed for those with unique dietary requirements. With a focus on low-carb and reduced-energy options, Dia-Wellness caters to individuals aiming for weight loss or managing diabetes. Their extensive product line includes not only pancake mixes but also low-carb flour mixes, sweeteners, sugar substitutes, and more, all designed to support a healthy, balanced diet.

Who Should Choose Dia-Wellness Pancake Mix?

This mix is perfect for anyone seeking a healthier alternative to traditional pancake mixes. Whether you’re looking to reduce your sugar intake, follow a low-calorie diet, or need diabetic-friendly options, Dia-Wellness Pancake Mix has you covered. With no added sugar and no unpleasant aftertaste, it’s the premium choice for health-conscious individuals who don’t want to compromise on flavor.

Nutritional Information (per 100g)

  • Energy: 1499 kJ/357 kcal
  • Fat: 4.2 g
    • Saturates: 0.3 g
  • Carbohydrates: 58.2 g
    • Sugars: 1 g
  • Fiber: 7.5 g
  • Protein: 18.1 g
  • Salt: 0.22 g

Allergen Information

Please note, this product contains gluten and egg. Always check the label before consumption.


Wheat flour, wheat protein, dietary fiber, oatmeal flour, fructose, sweetener: maltitol, vegetable oil (sunflower), milk protein, resistant starch, wheat bran, vegetable fat (palm), thickener: guar gum, pectin, maltodextrin, bulking agent: sodium hydrogen carbonate, flour treatment agent: ascorbic acid, enzymes.

Directions for Use

Simply mix 250 g of Dia-Wellness Pancake Mix with 450-500 g of water until smooth. Heat a pan, pour the batter to form pancakes, and fry on both sides. Enjoy your homemade pancakes with Dia-Wellness apricot jam for a delightful treat.