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In this category, you will find healthy & delicious recipes of dishes that are high in protein. Protein is one of the most important building blocks of the body, and is essential whether you want to get rid of excess weight or simply maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

You must have heard about protein shakes that are extremely popular nowadays, but protein is more versatile than that. Protein pancakes, porridges, puddings and many more are waiting for you. With these recipes, you can eaisly incorporate protein into your diet.

Creamy Vegan Dark Chocolate Protein Pudding

Everyone loves pudding, children and adults alike. Have you every heard a child saying “No, [...]

Our Summer Favourite: Vegan Iced Cocoa Protein Drink

Cold and creamy Vegan Iced Cocoa Protein Drink for everyone, perfect for breakfast, lunch & [...]