Creamy Vegan Dark Chocolate Protein Pudding

Everyone loves pudding, children and adults alike. Have you every heard a child saying “No, I don’t want pudding.” ? You never hear such sentences. The reason speaks for itself: pudding has a great texture and taste, especially if it is a Vegan Dark Chocolate Protein Pudding.

Protein is an essential part of healthy nutrition and it helps to maintain weight. Moreover, did you know that protein is found in every cell of your body?

This Vegan Dark Chocolate Protein Pudding is literally a dream come true for dieters. Especially for those who are on a high-protein diet. And the best thing is that you do not need lots of ingredients.

What you need


  1. Mix all the ingredients in a blender with 4 tbsps of water or almond/coconut milk.
  2. Enjoy Protein Pudding!

The extraordinary avocado & the sweet banana give this Protein Pudding its heavenly texture. Cocoa Powder is responsible for its irresistible taste and colour.

You can make it for breakfast or lunch but you can also eat it after workout. One thing is for sure: if you give it a try, you will instantly fall in love with this Protein Pudding.

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