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Pizza is an all-time favourite all around the world. It is a kind of flatbread with Italian origin and nowadays it has endless varieties. This Italian flatbread has many types. Neapolitan is the most famous one and is considered the “father of all pizzas”. There are also other pizzas like the New York-style or the Chicago Deep Dish pizza, which has also thousands of fans in almost every part of the world. Children love pizza but aldults love it too. The dough – topping – cheese trio is definitely the star of the party.

In this category, you will find healthier pizza alternatives that are just as delicious as the conventional ones. These are easy-to-make recipes and finally, you can enjoy your favourite without feeling guilty.

Low Carb Pizza

When hearing the word “pizza” usually two things come to your mind: fattening and unhealthy. [...]

Low Fibre Pizza Rolls

Amazingly delicious and crowd-pleasing, these low fibre pizza rolls are perfect for any family gathering [...]