Calories or carbs? Which one to count?

Calories or carbs? Which one to count?

We all want to lose weight, become prettier and slimmer while maintaining our strength.

Our most important dream, desire and goal is to achieve the bomb shape, the bomb form.

And for all this we want to choose the most efficient, fastest, easiest method.

And we can get into a big dilemma.

It can be difficult to navigate in the sea of many recommendations.


Now we want to compare the two, perhaps best-known dieting modes.

This is calorie counting and carbohydrate counting.


What do you need to know about calories?


Calories, or more precisely kilocalories, are nothing more than fuel for the body.

Kilocalories are stored and used as energy.

And if this storage or accumulation occurs excessively, the body can start to become fat and obese.


How many calories can you afford per day?


It can depend on several factors.

Such factors may be, for example, age, height, weight, gender, physical activity.

Many believe that a man of average physical condition needs 1,800 calories, while a woman of a similar calibre needs 1,500 calories.

Of course, it all depends on a lot of things and in many cases, you can deviate from it.


The essence of calorie counting is that we import fewer calories into our body than we use.


It is always worth to complete the calorie-counting diet with a healthy lifestyle and an optimal amount of exercise.

We try to indicate the caloric value of each Slim and Smart product.


Most Slim and Smart products are low in calories.


In this way, we help you follow a nutritious, balanced diet with the help of our products, without having a high calorie intake.

Follow the table under Nutrition Information or Nutrition Data in the product description.

This way, you can easily calculate your daily caloric intake with a simple addition.

You can put together a low-calorie, healthy diet without starving, feeling good, and losing too much of your strength.


Why are carbohydrates important?


Carbohydrates are considered by many to be fundamentally guilty, even though we all need carbohydrates.

While some dieters think it is worth keeping their carb intake low, that does not mean we have to forget about the importance of carb intake at all.

This is because we need a certain amount of carbohydrates for our body to function properly, without which we cannot live a healthy life.


Carbohydrates cover about fifty percent of our energy needs.


It is important to know that not only one type of carbohydrate exist.


We distinguish between simple and complex carbohydrates.


What are simple carbohydrates?

Simple carbohydrates include sugars.

In addition to the well-known traditional granulated sugar, simple carbohydrates also include sugars found in various fruits. They also include glucose and fructose, which are found in honey and here comes lactose as well, which is found in milk.

Simple carbohydrates are absorbed through the intestinal mucosa.

They get into the bloodstream.

So, we can use them easily and quickly.


What are complex carbohydrates?

Complex carbohydrates are carbohydrates found in cereals and legumes, as well as various starches.

Digestion of complex carbohydrates takes longer and may be more difficult to absorb.


Is it better to count calories or carbs?


Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, many swear by one, many swear by the other.

However, if you really want to make a wise decision, it may be worth taking both values into account, as both have an impact on your diet.


The good news, though, is that at Slim and Smart, you will find both values – calorie intake and carbohydrate intake – in the product description.

Search for our products and find out about their calorie and carbohydrate content based on the description!

Choose delicious and healthy products from the Slim and Smart webshop and enjoy the sinless eating without becoming obese! 

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