Diabetes: Myths and Facts

Diabetes Myths and Facts

In the past few decades, more and more people are eating unhealthy, too much food and food that is too high in fat. Also, the sedentary lifestyle is on the rise. All these factors contribute to the fast spread of Type-2 Diabetes. Although we know more and more about diabetes and its types, there are still many questions and misbelief concerning this disease. In order the understand how diabetes works and what one needs to pay attention when fighting this serious condition, it is important to reveal the truth about this disease, and to prove that there is no truth behind myths at all. This article aims to focus of myths and facts concerning diabetes.

Myths and Facts

1. Diabetes isn’t such a ’big deal’

Huge WRONG! Diabetes is a serious publich health issue in many countries around the world and affects the daily life of millions of people. It is responsible for more deaths each year than breast cancer and AIDS combined, which is quite shocking, if you think about it. Two out of three people with diabetes die of cardiovascular problem or stroke, a complication of diabetes.

2. Type-1 is for children, Type-2 is for elders

This statement is also WRONG! Both Type-1 and Type-2 diabetes can develop at any age. Although, Type-2 diabetes is more common among the elderly, symptoms appear at a younger age. Type-1 diabetes mainly affects children or adolescents, but it may occur between the ages of 30 and 35. Shocking fact: the eldest patient being diagnosed is 90 years old.

3. Obese people will suffer from diabetes

This statement is not true either. It is well-known fact that being overweight increases the risk of Type-2 diabetes. Being overweight doubles, and obesity triples the risk of diabetes. In addition to body weight, family medical history and age are also risk factors, and (similarly to lactose intolerance) there are differences among nations as well. Of course, there are obese people who will never suffer from Type-2 diabetes, due to genetics or other factors.

4. Eating too much sugar cause diabetes

WRONG! Genetic and other unknown factors determine the development of Type-1 diabetes. Hereditary and lifestyle factors are also responsible for the development of Type-2 diabetes. It is true that being overweight and eating calorie-rich food can increase the risk of diabetes, but simply eating sugary food does not necessarily causes diabetes.

5. People with diabetes are more prone to infectious diseases

This statement is not true, however, according to doctors, it is advisable to get for instance, influenza vaccine if the patient is suffering from diabetes, because all acquired diseases (even catching a cold) can worsen the symptoms of diabetes. Complications are more common than in case of healthy people.

6. If you need insulin after medication, it means your medication was not properly adjusted

This statement is not true either! Initially, normal blood glucose levels can still be maintained with proper medication. Over time, the pancreas produces less and less insulin. In this case, the patient requires insulin therapy.

Diabetic Delicacies

For prevention, it is advisable to reduce the consumption of sugar, refined carbohydrates (for instance white flour) and high fat foods. But this does not mean that you have to avoid your favorite food!

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