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Unfortunately, nowadays more and more people have to fight cancer, and cancer affects almost every single family in the world one way or another. More and more scientists think that conventional cancer therapies should be accompanied by other, diet-related therapies, and one of these therapies is ketogenic diet. In this article, you will find interesting pieces of information, food for thoughts about cancer treatment and how cancer treatment can become even more effective with a simple change of lifestyle: healthy and conscious dieting.

Ketogenic diet: effective non-drug cancer treatment for many?

For some, the ketogenic diet means nothing less than a revolutionary, non-medicine treatment for cancer. Ketogenic (or “keto” in short) diet involves getting rid of carbohydrates and replacing them with healthy fats and proteins. Studies have revealed that many cancer patients have successfully overcome the deadly, feared disease by switching to ketogenic diet. Laboratory animal studies have shown that mice – with aggressive metastatic cancer – that are on a carbohydrate-free diet have better chances of survival than their chemotherapy-treated counterparts.

How it works?

Healthy cells have the adaptability to switch from glucose to ketone use. Cancer cells, on the other hand, lack this ability, so if you get rid of carbohydrates – which, otherwise turn into sugar –  you are basically starving cancer cells to death. Contrary to popular belief, fat consumption does NOT harm the heart. Especially, the beneficial or “good” fats, like fats found in butter, free-range organic eggs, avocado and raw oilseeds etc. Ideally, for most people, 50-70% of their energy intake comes from healthy fats. The point is that because cancer cells need glucose to survive and carbohydrates are converted into glucose in the body, the lack of carbohydrates can literally starve cancer cells to death.

It is important to emphasize, however, that completely getting rid of carbohydrates is not good either. Those who follow diet rules seriously know that when you get rid of something, you have to substitute it with something healthier to keep the body in balance. If you lose balance, diet is not effective and the consequences can be quite serious.

Ketogenic diet: the key to success

This diet, containing moderate amounts of high quality protein and lots of beneficial fats instead of carbohydrates, is often recommended for everyone, whether or not they have cancer. The ketogenic diet is simply a diet that restores healthy weight and health in all aspects as your body shifts from a carbohydrate-burn mode to a fat-burning mode.

Metabolic therapy, also known as ketogenic diet, as an anti-cancer treatment

CNB News has recently published an article on the ketogenic diet. More and more people are realizing that what we have done so far to cure cancer simply does not work, and that we cannot allow this practice to continue in the future. We need to focus on prevention if we want to stop the increasing spread of cancer, affecting all age groups. And the most shocking realization from a treatment point of view is that it seems that cancer can be effectively defeated by diet.

How metabolic therapy works?

Restrictions on sugar (including fructose), all types of processed foods, and sugary drinks (including their “light” varieties) and replacing carbohydrates with healthy fats and high-quality proteins can do a thing that no other medicine can do: prevent the formulation of disease, and can even help those, who have been diagnosed with cancer or other chronic conditions. Also, if you pay attention to proper sunbathing (Vitamin D intake), enough & quality sleep, effective stress management, water intake and workout, you are on the right path to prevent disease.

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